Mazda Rotary Performance Handbook by John Wright

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The second edition of Mazda Rotary Performance Handbook, now includes RX7 SP. Also includes performance, road and racing, history, development and modification for competition step by step.

List of Contents
Mazda Cosmo.
Mazda R100.
Mazda RX2.
Maxda RX3.
Mazda RX4.
Mazda RX5.
Mazda RX7 Series 1, 2 & 3.
Mazda RX7 P747 RX7.
Twin Turbo RX7.
Owning, Racing and Modifying.
Official Notes on Rotary Development and Racing.
Through the Years in Photos.
Selling the Product.
On the Track in Photos.
RX7 Competition Preparation and Service Manual.
Winning at Le Mans 1991.
Mazda RX7 SP Workshop Manual Supplement.

Softcover, Approx. 174 pages, black & white illustrations.