Chevrolet Inline Six-Cylinder Power Manual by Leo Santucci

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Covers 194, 215, 230, 250, 292 passenger car and truck engines.

CONTENTS:  Acknowledgements.  About the author.  Development History.  Planning Your Project.  Block Identification and Selection.  Machining Operations.  Oiling System Modifications.  Crankshaft and Timing Gears.  Rods, Pistons and Bearings.  Gaskets, Sealing and Hardware.  Camshaft Design and Recommendations.  The Cylinder Head – Key element of Super Six.  The Hybrid Cylinder Head – A Step Beyond.  Fuel, Exhaust and Manifolding.  Ignition – Lighting the Fire for Power.  Supercharging – When Enough Isn’t Enough.  Turbocharging – A Different Route.  What About Nitrous Oxide?  Resource Guide.  Index.  Softcover, 154 pages, black & white illustrations.